New Jersey Dems target Republican winner over Public Enemy Flava Flav Halloween “black face”

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Pitman, NJ – Democrats in New Jersey aren’t ready to give up their power so easily after being obliterated across the state of New Jersey. First, the Muslim contingent went after truck driver Edward Durr, who until days before the election reported just $153 in campaign spending to defeat Democrat party boss Steve Sweeney.

Now, Democrats are going after another 2021 Election Day victor, Pitman Republican Vincent Kelly. Kelly won a seat on the Pitman town council on Tuesday.

Now, a group calling itself the Pitman Anti-Racist Collective (PARC) has taken offense to Kelly’s 2015 Halloween costume where he dressed as the iconic sidekick of Public Enemy frontman Chuck D. Wearing Flava Flav’s iconic clock and inspired outfit from the 80s and 90s Kelly also painted his face to match the color of Flava Flav’s.

The group is now calling for Kelly’s resignation.

“A photo of Vince Kelly in blackface, shared in 2015, came to light on Tuesday evening. Dressed as Flavor Flav, the former member of Public Enemy and star of reality TV, Kelly is clearly seen engaging in this widely condemned, racist practice. The photo in question was a “cover photo” on Kelly’s personal Facebook page. It is shared with the public, and was still posted as of Thursday, November 4. The photo has circulated among many in town; its existence is widely known at this point,” PARC said.

“It is outrageous that in 2021, anyone running for political office would proudly display such racist images on their public social media accounts,” Judy Walker, of PARC stated in a press release after the election. “We are disgusted that he would engage in such practices, and continue to make public photos available throughout his political campaign. PARC does not believe open racists should have a seat at the table in our municipal government.”

Republicans are responding, saying the Democrats are just trying to soil a narrative of a political success story in a fit of sour grapes. Kelly has not personally responded.

We reached out to Flava Flav for his response and have not yet back from the rap superstar. We will update this story if he responds.