Rullo: Chris Christie is the past, Trump is now

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Former New Jersey candidate for Governor Joe Rullo today fired a shot across the large bow of former Governor Chris Christie. This week, Christie said President Donald Trump is “the past” and that America and the Republican party need to move ahead without the former president.

“It’s over,” Christie said of Trump and the 2020 election.

Christie is running for President in 2024 and has been thumping his chest with Trump in the past few days.

“This guy Christie is like the ghost of New Jersey past,” Rullo who runs the NJ MAGA Republicans said. “Every time he attacks Trump, we’re reminded of how he left New Jersey behind once he decided to run for president in 2016.”

Rullo was one of the first state-level politicians to publicly endorse Trump for President in 2015 and has been a supporter of the President since.

“What’s over is Chris Christie’s political career,” Rullo said. “He left New Jersey as one of the state’s most unpopular governors and then floundered during his run for president. I’m not sure what the media sees in him beyond the fact that he’s a good source of anti-Trump quotes for the left-wing media.”

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Rullo says he doesn’t see Christie’s second run for president being any different than his first.

“Christie is the past, Trump is now,” Rullo said about the former president.

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