Tomi Lahren: Kyle Rittenhouse is not on trial, self defense is

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As the murder trial against Illinois teen Kyle Rittenhouse winds down and is put into the hands of the jury, Fox News host Tomi Lahren today said it’s not just Rittenhouse who is on trial.

In America, the right of an individual to defend themselves against the growing rate of violent crime is also on trial. The prosecution team against Rittenhouse has said on multiple occasions during the trial that the teen should have taken his beating and hoped for the best.

Even against multiple armed attackers, he had no right to defend himself, the state declared in the trial. A conviction against Rittenhouse could signal a greater conviction against self-defense.

“Kyle Rittenhouse isn’t just on trial, self defense is. Kyle dared to save his own life from an angry mob of thugs who weren’t used to being stopped but rather emboldened by Democrats and the media,” Lahren said.

Also on trial, in this case, is the right to carry. It’s one of the facts left out by the prosecution. Carrying a firearm in plain sight is perfectly legal in Wisconsin, but on multiple occasions during the trial, the prosecution has tried to vilify Rittenhouse for carrying a legal weapon in accordance with state law.

The weapon charge against Rittenhouse was dropped for that very reason.

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