Twin Explosions Kill Civilians In Ugandan Capital, Police Blame Islamic State Affiliate

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Two explosions set off in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, on Tuesday have killed at least three people and injured dozens of others, the Associated Press reported.

“The bomb threats are still active, especially from suicide attackers,” police spokesman Fred Enanga said, the AP reported. He blamed the bombings on the Allied Democratic Forces, extremists affiliated with the Islamic State (IS).

Thus far, 33 citizens have been treated at the city’s main hospitals, with five critically injured, Enanga said, the AP reported. Three suicide bombers also died in the blasts, according to police.

SITE, a group that tracks the activities of extremist organizations, reported the IS affiliate had taken credit for the explosions.

“The bomb threats are still active, especially from suicide attackers,” Enanga said.

A potential third target was allegedly stopped by the police after a suspected suicide bomber was caught and disarmed, the AP reported. Uganda has faced a wave of suicide bombings in recent weeks, leading authorities to ask for vigilance.

One explosion at a restaurant in October killed at least one person, while another on a passenger bus only two days later only killed the suicide bomber, the AP reported. The IS group claimed responsibility for the attack on the restaurant.

“We give thanks to God. He has protected us,” Jane Among, who was near one of the blast sites, told the AP. “We first heard a blast, and then when we stayed a little we heard another blast and saw dust all over.”

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni called those responsible for the bombings “manipulated and confused” youths on Twitter. “The terrorists invited us and we are coming for them,” he said.

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