Worker shortage at the North Pole? Santa needs more elves to help him answer letters and give gifts this year

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Santa needs your help. Now, with the overwhelming number of letters being received at the North Pole, even Santa’s workshop is experiencing a worker shortage.

While Santa did not blame U.S. President Joe Biden for the shortage, he did tell Shore News Network that he needs help this year.

Enter, BeAnElf, a charity that has helped the USPS and Santa respond to letters sent to the North Pole. Santa is busy checking his list and checking it twice.

USPS Operation Santa opens to the public today for volunteer registration. offers an excellent guide to the program for families in need and for volunteers from the public who wish to adopt their sad letters to Santa. Support is also offered to companies to organize employees into teams to adopt children’s letters.

This year letters to the jolly man at the North Pole have been pouring in. Since November 1, postal workers have been looking for Santa letters from kids whose lists include basic necessities like a warm coat or new shoes, and from parents who describe their struggles with employment or health, and ask volunteers for help with getting their kids Christmas gifts.

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Some say their children are too little to write and list their kids’ names, ages, and clothing sizes. Postal elves then upload the saddest letters to sends Christmas gifts to needy kids and supports volunteers who adopt their sad letters to Santa from home.

In case any children reading this are wondering, of course the Elves at the Post Office always put the letters right back in the mail to Santa at the North Pole, so Santa will deliver his gifts to the kids, too.

Starting November 29th anyone may adopt the letters from home. Children’s family names and addresses are redacted from their letters, when a volunteer adopts a letter online, a barcoded shipping label prints out with each letter. Volunteers use it to mail gifts directly to the child or family who wrote to Santa.

Letters to Santa must be postmarked by December 10 to be selected for the website. The site closes for letter adoption on December 23rd.

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The address to write to Santa is:

Santa Claus
123 Elf Road
North Pole 88888

Some people feel alone and sad over Christmas, and find comfort and inspiration volunteering for this program. They catch the true spirit of the holidays, knowing they will put smiles on kids’ faces on Christmas.

Be An Elf is a tax-exempt 501c3 charity, and has recruited thousands of volunteers for the USPS program. The group also supports Operation Santa by offering a guide for needy families seeking help with Christmas, and tips for effective volunteering. The US Postal Service ® has not missed a year since first offering the children’s letters in 1912.