BarterSaves becomes New Jersey’s largest barter network after the acquisition of Barter Systems, Inc.

BarterSaves is now New Jersey’s largest independently-owned Barter Exchange. In August 2021, the company acquired BarterSystems Inc. serving businesses in the Mid-Atlantic for more than 40 years. With the stroke of a pen, BarterSaves now boasts an expansive membership of over 1,300 members in New Jersey, Maryland, Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Owners of BarterSaves George and Rene Ackerson assure that local businesses—large and small on the East Coast as well as the Mid-Atlantic—increase their purchasing power using barter instead of cash. It couldn’t be easier, your BarterSaves Membership Card acts like a debit card!

BarterSaves partners with businesses in many different industries including payroll, bookkeeping, home improvement, electricians, plumbers, restaurants, healthcare, spas, salons, advertising, media, furniture, mattresses, entertainment, parties, travel, jewelry stores, photography, website development, auto  repair, vehicle wraps, retail stores, attorneys,  wedding services and more.

Here’s what Barter Saves Customers are saying about the service:

“Barter Saves is exactly what it says! It saves us business owners time and money when looking for services. I’m so happy to have joined this world class barter system. The entire team is so friendly, thorough when explaining the process and they refer you to other businesses. They are the ONLY Barter company in NJ who treats everyone like a family. Highly recommend.” Marie, Owner of Proper Palate (Google Review)

“Being a member of barter saves I can speak first hand about the experience as a vendor. We were part of [another barter company] many years ago, we were hesitant as the experience there was not good. After speaking to Rene and George, I could tell they actually cared about your business and the experience. They are attentive to any issue and really work hard to make sure you can spend the dollars you gain by being part of barter saves. I highly recommend if you are on the fence. It also has gave us revenue we would have not received if we were not part of this great program.” Bill, Owner of Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning (Google Review)

“I love being part of Barter Saves. First off working with Rene and George is a pleasure. Rene is very quick to respond to questions and recommendations. You can tell that these two truly can about their network. I have also enjoyed doing business with the other members that I have met. Top quality members!” Stephanie, Owner of Tomorrow Today College Consulting (Google Review)

“It’s been an awesome experience, I love everyone in the network and even the people that come in have been super amazing supportive and there’s like a collaboration that goes on within the community and I just absolutely adore the people that we  work with here and I would highly recommend BarterSaves for everyone.” Elyssia from 2 Chicks with Chocolate (Facebook Review) 

“Barter Clients do refer their friends who are not members of barter  which is always a positive experience. The services that we use for the business are we do advertising, electrical work, plumbing work done for the store.  AlsoPersonal reasons, personal usage is we go to restaurants, contracting work around our house, lawn maintenance. I would highly recommend BarterSaves to any friends of mine that have a small businesses in the area.”
Craig, Owner of the Jewelry Link, Howell Video Review at Bartersaves.com

“At one point or another, I belonged to all the Barter exchanges, I’m no longer with them. George and Rene came to me and sold me on BarterSaves and it’s is the best barter exchange there ever was. It is all congested in this area,  so many business owners greet you and welcome you to the family and I just love it.” Bill, owner Cluck U Eatontown (Video Review Bartersaves.com)

“Love being part of this great group! Highly recommed if you love working with the area’s top businesses. Extremely well run and professional and, the networking events are a blast!” Jeff, Owner of Budget Blinds of Long Branch (Video Review Bartersaves.com)

“As the owner of Game Time Apparel, I want to say that working with Barter Saves has been an amazing experience. We have made and built great B2B relationships and have benefited greatly from what Rene and George have offered their members. They are on top of everything and have done a fantastic job helping businesses save time and money by utilizing their Barter network. We will be members for many years to come!” Bonnie, Owner of Game Time Apparel (Google Review)

“Barter Saves has allowed me to create relationships with other business owners that I probably would never have met! This large and thriving network is run by Rene and George Ackerson, both very dynamic business owners themselves! Bartering allows me to take some unproductive time in my schedule and convert it to barter dollars that I can spend on goods and services I both need and desire!” Mike, Owner of KM Fitness (Facebook Review)

“Business owners can increase their sales volume while also increasing their tax write-offs on wisely chosen purchases. It’s a win-win! Go for it.” Joe, Clean Out Services (Facebook Review)

“Where shall I begin, BarterSaves is a well organized network of reputable businesses that Rene and George has built. I have been a member since 2016 and can’t thank Rene and George enough for not only giving us a great network to be a part of, but also the extraordinary guidance, hassle free, professional and family friendly environment it offers. I cannot thank Rene and George enough for all there help and ongoing support and attention they give their clients.” Anastasia, Owner of Sonny’s Grille (Google Review)

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