Why is it called Black Friday? Is it racist? College students back off plan to cancel Black Friday

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FILE PHOTO: Special discount on Black Friday sales is offered at a fashion store in Zurich

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving when major retailers and small businesses alike offer amazing ‘door buster’ deals to get customers through their doors to kick off the holiday shopping season. While frowned upon by some as an example of extreme commercialism, others feel Black Friday presents negative racial connotations.

Two years ago, when a movement was growing in Chicago to cancel Black Friday, the Chicago Tribune reported, “Saying the term Black Friday is racist is an example of how we have become a bunch of whiners.”

But why do we call it Black Friday?

It turns out, Black Friday is the day many retailers in the mid-twentieth century went from being in the red (not making a profit) and into the black (making a profit).

So in this case, the word black has nothing at all to do with any racial connotations, but a positive message for business owners, knowing that from Black Friday until the end of the year, they will be operating “in the black”.

The attempt to vilify Black Friday is nothing but another attempt at the left who want to find bad in everything in society. Whether or not you agree with the oozing of gluttonous capitalism surrounding the day is another matter. The fact is, Black Friday has absolutely nothing to do with race.

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