DeSantis says Biden is defrauding America with failed policies that are causing problems across America

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FILE PHOTO: Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said President Joe Biden committed fraud against the public in America by saying he would unit Americans, but his policies seem to do nothing but create bigger divides within the population.


You know is all this just politics, I mean we live in a polarized time and it just seems like one team versus the other and there there’s definitely some truth to it. But I would say this I mean you know Biden’s in a bad spot because he ran for president saying he was going to unite the country.

He ran for president saying he was going to shut down COVID. He demagogued Trump about COVID, blamed every COVID infection on Trump and said as soon as he was president, he was stopping it and yet you’ve seen you know the results have been even worse even with medications and vaccines.

So, he’s failed to shut down the virus which he promised to do and he failed to unite the country. His proposals that he’s done are more divisive than any policies Republican or Democrat in my lifetime that I can think of.

So, that’s what’s driving the dissatisfaction part of it is the policies aren’t working and I think we have a responsibility to call them out. Look, if you want truckers fired, if you want nurses fired, in Florida I’m standing up for them and I’m going to fight back against you.

That’s just the bottom line but I think also the dissatisfaction is driven by people appreciate if you run and you say you’re going to do stuff and you do it even if they don’t agree with it, they kind of give you credit for doing what you said you do.

Biden though, I think committed a fraud on the public when he said he was going to unite people he is not he is being captive by a very militant leftist impulse in his party. This is an impulse that I think the vast majority of Americans reject, but nevertheless that’s what’s driving this.