WHO skips two Greek letters with Chinese meanings in the naming of latest COVID-19 Omicron strain

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Beijing,china,December 2019,china President Xi jinping talking about trade deal between China and USA

While the world is still recovering from the delta variant of COVID-19, the last major virus of concern by the World Health Order to make headlines was the Mu strain, which has since virtually vanished from the world. COVID-19 virus strains of concern are given names matching the Greek alphabet.

The WHO has been going alphabetically but after Mu, they were presented with a problem. The next two Greek letters, Nu and Xi, both have meanings in the Chinese language. This created a dilemma for the WHO who seeks to distance China, the country of COVID-19’s initial outbreak and origin from possible negative connotations.

The Omicron strain should have been named either Nu or Xi. In Chinese, Nu means “angry” and Xi means “to hope or desire”. Xi is also the name of Chinese leader Xi Jinping. For those reasons, the World Health Order skipped using the two words.

The omission didn’t go unnoticed by American politicians who feel the WHO is politicizing the COVID-19 crisis.

“If the WHO is this scared of the Chinese Communist Party, how can they be trusted to call them out the next time they’re trying to cover up a catastrophic global pandemic?” said Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Just imagine the political firestorms that would erupt if the “Xi” variant became as deadly as the delta variant. This new variant should have been called the “Nu” variant, but some say it’s just because people didn’t want to confuse Nu with “new” when spoken verbally.

Depending upon the word, nu can also mean “slave” in Chinese. The “Chinese Slave Virus” would not be good for the woke.

The skipping of Xi is apparently to spare Xi Jinping global mockery and embarrassment having a possible deadly COVID-19 variant carrying the Chinese word “to hope and desire” which incidentally is his own name. Imagine a killer COVID-19 strain named Trump? If Trump was a Greek letter, it can be assumed WHO would definitely not skip it.

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