Chris Christie’s Republican Rescue yet to crack Amazon’s top 100 political list despite ridiculous amounts of air time

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If you’ve been paying attention, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been getting major airtime from all of the television networks to promote his new book Republican Revival, his vision of how he will save the Republican party. He’s getting the airtime, but he’s not moving any books.

According to Amazon, his book hasn’t even cracked the top 50 best sellers list. That’s because the entire book is nothing more than one huge ax-grinding session by Christie.

What Christie hasn’t realized for himself yet is that most Republicans, especially those in his home state of New Jersey are done with him. We’ve seen enough. We’ve heard enough. His firebrand schtick doesn’t have any sway here anymore. That’s because many blame him for the current mess we’re in now.

If it wasn’t for Chris Christie’s dismal final years in office, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy would not be in office right now. Instead, New Jersey’s governor would be his Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno. Unfortunately for Kim, she couldn’t wipe the Christie stench off of her during her campaign and voters took their anger against the Christie administration out on her, voting instead for a wealthy progressive Democrat which has taken the state down a rabbit hole few wanted to go down.

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Still, Christie’s, chumming it up on Facebook pretending people are buying his book and are really interested in what he has to say. He doesn’t realize the liberal networks are giving him airtime because they know he’s going trash talk former President Donald J. Trump.

And that’s what he’s been doing night after night on all of the liberal mainstream media channels. America has had enough of Chris Christie. The liberal media sees his value as an anti-Trump pinata who deliver shocking anti-Trump soundbites each time you poke him with a stick.

When it comes to the book itself, it’s full of “me, me, me” and “blah, blah, blah”. I couldn’t even get past the second chapter before putting it with the pile of Hillary and Obama books we’re forced to read as part of this job to get to know your news subjects.

All of which are also selling on the $1 aisle at the remaining Barnes and Nobles stores…and Christie’s book might soon be joining them.

Here are some books that did make the Amazon top 50, including one that is sure to be a huge blockbuster.

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Let’s start with Miranda Devine’s Laptop from Hell. The book is an encyclopedia of everything bad, immoral and corrupt you wanted to know about Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden and America’s first family. The book combines information found on Hunter Biden’s laptop and throws in some first-person accounting from others who were in the Biden China/Russia business relationship.

The book hasn’t even been released yet and it’s the #1 best seller this week on Amazon. It will most likely become the #1 best selling book on many other lists after it release Tueday. If you’re only going to buy one book for the holidays, this one is a win.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow even beat Christie. Her book that chronicles her insanity-laden view of America landed at #50 on the list.

Tons of other anti-Trump books made the list that Christie didn’t crack.

“Christie’s smarter than Trump, obviously more focused and articulate. But fortunately for the country, he lacks Trump’s level of charisma. This book seems like the launch of his 2024 presidential campaign, but it doesn’t have the compelling message he hopes. He’ll lose Trump and his supporters with his attacks on the far right, and turn off Democrats with the “radical socialist” claims. A lot of Independents will read this and, rightly, won’t trust him,” one Amazon reviewer said of the book. “Christie’s combination of half truths and outright lies is harder to see through than Trump’s constant barrage of falsehoods. He leaves out important details so that readers won’t make conclusions that contradict his rosy picture. For example, the whole “We all got covid around Trump” story. He clearly got the disease at Trump’s maskless debate prep and/or the maskless party for Coney-Barrett. So did dozens of other guests and those who worked in the White House.”

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“Christie walks a fine political line trying to come off as a voice of reason, but his omission of the relentless assault on democracy during four years of Trump is gross. His narratives are sloppy. His description is overloaded with weighted emotion. His utter contempt for justice is a display of flatulence. This book is packed with a vomiting of ad hominem attacks and delusional fallacies of some alternative, divergent universe that Christie hides in,” read another.