NJEA so worried about COVID-19 transmission and face masks, they hosted a lavish unmasked dinner party on the Delaware waterfront

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WEST DEPTFORD, NJ – The NJEA is so worried about their membership contracting and spreading the deadly COVID-19 virus that the union leadership decided to host an unmasked dinner in West Deptford.

At that dinner, NJEA leaders, so concerned about the spread of COVID-19 were seen unmasked mingling and taking selfies with each other all night long. While a few members did mask up, the majority remained unmasked, at the possible superspreader event. Then, they returned to their school districts with whatever might have been spread among the crowd not following state and CDC COVID-19 recommendations.

While there is no state mask mandate, state and CDC officials recommend anyone in large indoor groups wear face masks regardless of their vaccination status.

To make matters worse, the NJEA is the force behind the masking of students in K-12 public schools.

“Wonderful day with members from coast to coast – starting with the Hudson County retired holiday luncheon and ending with Gloucester county presidents dinner in West Deptford (and guests from Atlantic, Cape May, and Salem!),” said NJEA Vice President Steve Beatty. “Connecting and engaging with those who have done the work and continue their advocacy as well as our stalwart leaders in the locals. Time well spent! Thank you Hudson and Gloucester – great to go river to river with our members!”

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Parents were irate over Beatty’s bragging.

“Nothing to see here… just a bunch of maskless hypocrites!!! While my daughter and all students have to sit in class with a mask on. How about you put circle tables in classrooms?? Instead of individual desk… since Covid is so smart,” said Bridget C.

“Great display of social distancing and masks you disgusting hypocrites! Our kids are treated like walking diseases and are forced to be muzzled all day long and have no interaction but you people can do whatever you damn well please? Absolutely disgusting! You all should be extremely ashamed of yourself. Child abusers,” said Lauren Gulden.

“Where are your masks? The masks you bribed our Governor to force our children to wear daily for almost two years? Lots of old, overweight folks in those pics—higher risk of Covid—while my healthy children have zero risk and are masked 8 hours per day. Wear the mask that you love so much you hypocrite, or advocate FOR ONCE for the children of this state and unmask them. The research is clear. They do not work and are causing harm. You are all monsters. Underachieving, politically motivated, money chasing monsters,” asked Carolyn Viola.

“Meanwhile our kids are treated like diseased animals and u assholes attend things like this indoor without a mask in sight. The NJEA is an absolute disgrace to our education system with your equity, justice and learning motto in that order, F off,” said Dana Russo.

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“Hmm, every single person is these photos are overweight slobs, yet you want to preach masks & vaccines for our children? How about we ban Mcdonalds from all of you for a week, watch how fast the tune changes,” said Don Rossi.

“Delete the negative comments, you can’t miss the elephant in the room. Children are breathing bacteria all day, their mental capacity is being compromised but you overweight liberals get to gather like this. Shame on you,” said Paula Gallagher.

The only thing missing at this event was a maskless Governor Phil Murphy.

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