Lockdowns are coming in New Jersey as Democrats ratchet up lockout of unvaccinated from state capitol

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TRENTON, NJ - APRIL 5, 2018: New Jersey state capitol building in Trenton

TRENTON, NJ – Democrats in Trenton are doubling down on their vaccination insanity and are now going to block Republicans from parking in the State House garage and barring entrance into the entire building on Monday. This comes after a failed lockout on Thursday where State Police backed down and allowed elected officials to vote.

Today, the Democrats announced that all visitors to the State House will be required to show identification and a vaccination card.

“All personnel accessing the State House garage via both entrances tomorrow will be required to show ID and proof of vaccination card, state ID alone will not suffice,” the Democrats said today. “Anyone not providing proper documentation will not be allowed to enter the garage or the complex.”

The move comes as Democrats nationwide rally against voter ID cards because they disenfranchise blacks and minorities. Now, the party is requiring identification to enter the public space, an unprecedented move.

The letter was signed by Building Manager Steve Pietrazk.

Democrats in New Jersey are now signaling what’s to come for the rest of the state as COVID-19 cases are once again on the rise and the omicron variant has arrived despite Governor Phil Murphy’s best efforts to eradicate the virus. The move in the halls of Trenton could be a sign of things to come for the rest of New Jersey including more school closures, business lockdowns and vaccination passports.