Governor Phil Murphy deploys National Guard to enforce vaccine mandate targeting Republicans in state capitol

TRENTON, NJ – If you’re not watching closely to what is happening in New Jersey, you might not know that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and his administration are running a dry test of a possible statewide vaccine mandate at the state capitol building.

Last week, New Jersey Democrats implemented a rule that states anyone visiting the state capitol building must either be fully vaccinated or show proof of a negative COVID-19 test. If they cannot show proof, they must take a test before entering the building.

This rule is draconian, even for Phil Murphy and New Jersey Democrats. No such rules exist even for the highest legislative offices in the land at the U.S. Capitol Building. To make matters worse, there are no executive orders or public health mandates requiring the public in New Jersey to show proof of vaccination or a mandatory test anywhere else in the entire state.

The move was made because New Jersey Democrats are about to launch a progressive culture war in Trenton to pass pro-abortion and anti-gun laws in the coming weeks and months and the party wants to make sure it restricts the voting rights of the growing Republican minority in the New Jersey Senate and Assembly.

To do this, the Democrats implemented a vaccination pass requirement for Republican legislators, many of whom are indeed fully vaccinated, but don’t believe the state has a right to ask anyone about their medical status, or to ‘show papers’ to enter the public halls of government.

The Republicans walked right through the Democrats’ first attempt to block them out of the legislative process last Thursday. This week, Murphy came to Trenton with the National Guard and the New Jersey State Police and they are now in the process of building barriers around the State House to keep the COVID-19 virus out of the progressive hallways of New Jersey’s state government.

Shortly after noon the National Guard arrive to enforce the policy. Murphy has been calling Covid-19 a war for almost two years, but the National Guard isn’t here to fight Covid; it is here to monitor law-abiding citizens. (Assembly Republican Office/Jennifer Peacock)

“The N.J. Statehouse has become a patrolled vaccine checkpoint after Thursday’s fight,” the New Jersey Senate Republican caucus said today.

Orange barricades directed Statehouse employees early Monday morning to a State Police checkpoint for proof of vaccination or negative Covid-19 tests at the south entrance of the New Jersey Statehouse. Under new protocols announced Sunday by the Treasury Department, State Police will screen lawmakers, employees, and visitors for proof of vaccination or evidence of a recent negative Covid test before being allowed in. 

In an effort to block Republicans who are protesting the vaccination passport mandate, Murphy and the Democrats have setup a state police manned checkpoint at the legislator’s entrance to the building. Get used to it New Jersey, if you don’t believe this is a dry run to test the model for other state-owned facilities, you’re being naive.

Similar setups are expected to be deployed to other state agencies in the coming weeks and months in anticipation of a larger statewide vaccine mandate and vaccine passports that could extend to the private sector such as the one rolled out in New York City this week.

Lawmakers must trek through orange barricades to the Welcome Center entrance of the New Jersey Statehouse early Monday, which has been designated as a Covid-19 testing site after Republican legislators defied a new policy that people in the building have to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination or a negative test result on Thursday. Under new protocols announced Sunday by the Treasury Department, State Police will screen lawmakers, employees and visitors for proof of vaccination or evidence of a recent negative Covid test before being allowed in. (Assembly Republican Office/Jennifer Peacock)

Phil Murphy and the Democrat party are now using state police offices and National Guard soldiers in an effort to intimidate elected lawmakers in the state of New Jersey to comply with an order that has not been codified by any legislative body or implemented by any executive orders.

As Democrats rally for the ‘voting rights’ of citizens, Phil Murphy and his administration are using military force to squelch the voting rights of hundreds of thousands of citizens by denying Republican legislators access to the senate and assembly chambers.

Just following orders. Soldiers of the New Jersey National Guard, Hamilton Fire Company, New Jersey State Police and other agencies willing to follow the orders of the Democrat party as they deploy barriers and other high tech security access equipment in an attempt to lockout the Republican caucus at the Statehouse.

To accomplish this, the National Guard force, in conjunction with state police troopers and at least one member of the Hamilton Township Fire Department deployed security devices at a checkpoint at the legislator’s entrance to the state capitol building.

National Guard troops deployed by Governor Phil Murphy assist New Jersey State Police Troopers to create a vaccination checkpoint at the Statehouse building in Trenton.

At another entrance to the building, State Police troopers check the vaccination identification papers of employees and visitors to the state capitol building.

Employees entering the Statehouse have their vaccination papers inspected by Murphy deployed New Jersey State Police troopers upon entering the building.

New Jersey, your future is written on the wall. Just weeks after Phil Murphy won his election against Jack Ciattarelli, he has gone into full lockdown mode at the state capitol building, aided by his willing New Jersey State Police force and the New Jersey National Guard. Troops are now patrolling the capital of a once free New Jersey, checking papers of American citizens entering a public building under the guise of a public health emergency, where no public health emergency has been declared or enacted by law.

Governor Murphy explicitly promised during his election campaign that he will not implement a vaccination pass or vaccine mandate after the election, but it appears he has lied to the people of New Jersey. Murphy’s statehouse vaccination mandate is the first step in a statewide mandate that will eventually reach into the public sector with draconian actions on the horizon that might rival those of Australia in the near future.

Because, you know…science folks.

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