Joe Biden forgets name of Kansas City mayor while delivering speech in city

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U.S. President Biden travels to Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, MO – U.S. President Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities have been accused by many of being on the decline. The 79-year-old president, America’s oldest in history has a knack for forgetting things, bumbling his words and telling stories about events that never happened.

On Wednesday, during a speech in Kansas City, Biden couldn’t remember the name of the city’s mayor, Quinton Lucas.

Lucas, a 37-year-old African American is Kansas City’s third African American Mayor. Lucas, a lawyer, worked his way up the political system to eventually become a city councilman and in 2019, he was elected mayor.

Lucas, unlike many American politicians, brings a unique experience to the table. He went to school in South Africa and was able to see the effects of racial segregation firsthand in a time when Apartheid was the law of the land.

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