Sweet Beagle is Proof you can Always Love Again

1 min read

A beautiful Beagle named Chloe had a best friend who was a bunny. The Beagle and Bunny were inseparable. They were always together. The two ran around in the backyard and cuddled in their Mom’s bed.

Unfortunately the Bunny passed away and left Chloe all alone. Chloe took it hard. She was alone and depressed. When his mom cuddled with her, she looked so lost and sad.

Chloe’s Mom decided to get a playmate for the sweet dog, a gray kitten named Chlea. Immediately Chloe started to get excited and wagged her tail. She was so happy a little thing was back in her life. Chloe was very patient with the kitten and slowly became more and more attached

Now Chloe and Chlea are inseparable, and Chloe is happy once again.

Watch this sweet story from The Dodo below: