Cleanup on aisle Kamala after VP says White House didn’t see the COVID-19 variants coming

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U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris promotes the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, in Charlotte

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In a revealing interview with the Los Angeles Times, Vice President Kamala Harris said the delta and omicron variants took the White House by surprise and they had no idea either variant was coming.

“We didn’t see Delta coming. I think most scientists did not — upon whose advice and direction we have relied — didn’t see Delta coming,” Harris said in the interview. “We didn’t see Omicron coming. And that’s the nature of what this, this awful virus has been, which as it turns out, has mutations and variants.”

Now, the White House and Dr. Anthony Fauci are working overtime to clean up the Vice President’s verbal spill.

“I think that the Vice President’s statement was taken a bit out of context,” said Fauci, who claims that he did see the variants coming before they came to the United States.

“The vice president’s comments referred to the exact kind of mutation,” the Biden administration told CNN. “The administration knew mutations were possible, it’s the reason we ordered extra tests, extra gear and extra PPE. It is the reason the President, vice president and our entire administration warned early and often that the best way to get on the other side of the pandemic is to get vaccinated. We were and continue to be prepared.”