Fauci: Only vaccinated Americans can enjoy the holidays with their families, the unvaccinated should stay home

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Fauci speaks during a press briefing at the White House in Washington

If you are planning on spending the holidays with your family, think again. If you’re unvaccinated, Dr. Anthony Fauci recommends you stay home once again in isolation as to protect your fully vaccinated family members from your wonton disregard for public health and safety.

For God’s sake, do you want to kill grandma who is fully vaccinated and boosted? The blood will be on your hands. Remember, if you’re having a holiday party, be sure to check vaccination ID cards at the front door because according to Fauci, it is the way.

“Hang in there, this will end,” Fauci said. “We can get through even a winter surge by implementing the countermeasures that we have vaccinations, boosters, masking in indoor settings. Being prudent in caring for example about wearing a mask indoors, you can enjoy the holiday season with your family if you’re vaccinated and your family members are vaccinated.”