After promising an end to the pandemic in July, Biden now says “We don’t know”

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U.S. President Joe Biden signs executive order on reducing government bureaucracy at the White House in Washington

Back in July, U.S. President Joe Biden looked the American public in the eye and said he will defeat COVID-19. Six months later, America is now in the worst position it has been in since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March of 2020. With the omicron variant, caseloads are skyrocketing to record numbers and testing capacity is extremely low as Americans enter an uncertain Christmas holiday season.

When asked if he overpromised on COVID, Biden said, “No, we were closer than ever but there’s a lot we don’t know.”

Factoring in mutant strains such as omicron and delta, Biden admitted he doesn’t have any answers for Americans.

“We certainly are going to be able to overcome the delta or the excuse the, virus, COVID-19,” Biden said. “The answer is…the expectation is yes because we have the best scientists in the world. We’ve moved so rapidly compared to other countries. but we don’t know. We don’t know for certain.”