Ocean County Commissioners give high ranking employees third big raise of 2021

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – While many in Ocean County pushed through the COVID-19 pandemic hoping to have a job, county workers remained employed, many working from home throughout. Now, to reward them for their service, the Ocean County Board of Commissioners has given many employees their second round of raises of 2021. Those employees include the well-connected, high level and political allies of the commissioners, formerly known as Freeholders.

This is the third round of raises for the politically connected since January.

Donna Flynn, who writes occasional press releases for the board saw her salary jump from $147,572 to $153,876.

A full list of raises and salaries was reported last week by the Asbury Park Press that included raises to Ocean County GOP Vice Chairwoman Barbara Lanuto, Scott Collabella, Ronald Roma, Michael Mastronardy, Jeffrey Moran, and other politically linked patronage positions.

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