Toms River Council President lands misogynistic farewell as town’s only female elected officials depart

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – It was a bittersweet moment on the Toms River Township Council Tuesday night as the township bid farewell to its only two elected female officials, Councilwoman Maria Maruca and Councilwoman Laurie Huryk. Replacing the two women and Democrat Councilman Terrance Turnbach will be three Republican men.

Those men are Lavallette police officers Justin Lamb, David Ciccozzi and James Quinlisk.

“I think this council is going to miss a female perspective on it,” Maruca said.

“Who am I going to ask to see if my tie matches my shirt?” Council President Kevin Geoghegan responded.

He didn’t ask who would be making him his Tuesday night sandwiches or mopping the town hall breakroom floor after he dropped crumbs, but the sexist remark. Geohegan later shrugged that the farewell to the outgoing members took over an hour of time during the meeting later in the meeting.

A tearful, heartfelt goodbye to Huryk, Turnbach and Maruca was given by Toms River Mayor Maurice Hill who said he has come to like serving on the township body with Democrats Huryk and Turnbach, despite having what he said were initial reservations.

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The Toms River Township Council, minus Daniel Rodrick, including Mayor Hill are being sued by former Business Administrator Don Guardian for wrongful termination. Guardian, an openly gay man claims members of the township council fostered an environment of homophobia and anti-gay slurs during his tenure, even being called a ‘pillow biter’ by township officials for his openly gay lifestyle.

Tuesday’s meeting was the last meeting by Maruca and Huryk.