New Jersey Governor Murphy vetoes small business relief bill, stiffing small business owners while catering to movie moguls

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TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has stiffed Main Street, New Jersey says Senator Joe Pennacchio while creating a sweetheart deal for the Hollywood elite to set up shop in now-vacant New Jersey warehouses and buildings that once housed small businesses that are no longer.

Pennacchio issued the following statement today regarding higher taxes being imposed by Governor Murphy while vetoing legislation that would have provided needed relief to Main Street businesses:

“With the same breath, the Governor vetoed a major tax relief bill (A-4958/S-3740) for Main Street businesses that passed both houses with unanimous bipartisan support and signed an indefensible bill (S-4094/A-6070) giving a plum tax break to Hollywood billionaires who share his left-wing philosophies.

“The Main Street bill would have provided desperately needed help for small businesses that sustained massive cost increases to stay afloat during COVID 19 and the Governor’s restrictions. That measure died on Murphy’s desk, but one wasting millions on out-of-touch movie makers was signed.

“Dishing out big bucks to the Hollywood elite may be sexy and applauded by the entertainment world, but it’s a slap in the face to the one-third of businesses that closed their doors during this pandemic. These are Murphy’s twisted priorities.

“New Jersey taxpayers deserve more from our Governor, who claims to be ‘done with tax increases,’ but can’t break himself of the old habit.”