Governor Murphy once again refused to appoint Republican to the election law enforcement commission

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TRENTON, NJ – The New Jersey Law Enforcement Commission is supposed to have both Democrat and Republican representation, but since taking office four years ago, Governor Phil Murphy has refused to appoint a Republican to the seat and today, eluded that he has no plan on doing so any time soon.

Asked again, after numerous times since taking office four years ago, Governor Murphy refused to comment on when he would appoint the required Republican member to the state agency that oversees election law, campaign financing, pay-to-play regulations, and criminal enforcement of New Jersey’s election law.

When asked, Murphy simply said, “No news to make on the open Republican seat, but if we do, we’ll get back to you but nothing on that one.”

The statement by the Governor came three seconds after he claimed he wanted to “Open democracy to more people” in New Jersey.

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