Police officer finishes Door Dash delivery after arresting driver

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Sioux Falls, SD – A Sioux Falls police officer engaged in a routine traffic stop and realized the driver had an outstanding warrant. After arresting the driver, he did the right thing and finished the now incarcerated driver’s delivery.

“It’s not like our police officers are running around delivering food, but this an example of them going above and beyond,” a spokesperson for the Sioux Falls Police Department said. “The driver was in the process of delivering food for DoorDash. Officer Buhr completed the delivery, bringing the food to the customer. While delivering food is not a normal part of police work, helping people is.”

Initial false reports claimed Officer Buhr was moonlighting as a food delivery driver.

“We’re actively looking into this to take all appropriate actions and are grateful to the law enforcement officer for stepping in and ensuring this customer received their order,” Door Dash said in a statement.

The delivery was caught on the customer’s Ring doorbell camera.

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“I know I’m not who you were expecting, but your driver got arrested for some things he didn’t take care of,” the officer told the woman waiting for her delivery. “So I figured I’d complete the DoorDash for you.”

Food delivery guy had a warrant so…