Snow plow driver intentionally dumps snow on Orthodox Jews during blizzard in alleged hate crime incident

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LAKEWOOD, NJ – Two men operating a snowplow in Lakewood Township, New Jersey posted a video of themselves driving down a snow-covered road during this weekend’s blizzard and lowering their plow as they passed two Orthodox Jewish men. The men were walking to prayer services during the Saturday Sabbath. For religious reasons, Orthodox Jews may not operate vehicles during the sabbath, but must meet in prayer groups, even during a blizzard.

Upon coming up from behind the two men, the driver, who is alleged to be an employee of Waste Management, Inc., lowered the blade and pelted the men with snow. They laughed as they passed, then the driver raised the blade.

The poster of the video has since claimed he only shared the video, but was not a participant in the event.

Lakewood Police Chief Greg Meyer condemned the incident. Lakewood Township officials said Waste Management, Inc. does not have a contract to plow township roads.

“We will not tolerate this type of behavior, and are investigating this incident,” Meyer said in a statement made to the Lakewood Scoop. “We thank everyone who brought this incident to our attention.”

Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles issued a statement regarding the incident.

“I was appalled and shaken when I saw this video,” Mayor Ray Coles said. “Not only was it cruel but it was also incredibly stupid and dangerous. The plow could easily have thrown chunks of ice or rock and seriously injured or killed either of the victims. I am glad to know our police department is taking this as the serious incident it is.”

“We are aware of an incident that was posted by an off-duty WM employee to his personal social media account. The hateful conduct depicted in this video is unacceptable and does not reflect the values of inclusion and diversity we hold as a company,” Waste Management spokeswoman Janette Micelli told Shore News Network Sunday night. “The employee is suspended while we investigate the incident, but we can confirm that this behavior will not be tolerated from any WM employee and we will not employ those who act in this way.”