Political consultant for Virginia Democrat Congresswoman Luria says unmasked kids are ‘d-ckheads’ who should get bad grades

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NORFOLK, VA – A political consultant who helped Virginia 2nd Congressional District Congresswoman Elaine Luria, a Democrat get to Washington, D.C. has a plan for children who show up to school legally, without face masks. Ben Tribbett, the CEO and Founder of Pocket Aces Consulting, a progressive, liberal political consulting firm said those students should get bad grades from their teachers.

Luria said the words most progressives and liberals were thinking, but weren’t supposed to say out loud.

If that wasn’t enough tolerance, he went a step further and called the children “D-ckheads”.

“My favorite part of the “optional masks” at schools crowd is that the teachers can identify the dickheads and make sure their grades reflect their caring for others,” Tribbett said. “I said it and I meant it. Ratio away.”

Congresswoman Luria represents the cities of Virginia Beach and Norfolk in Congress.

Tribbett then jumped a bridge and called the anti-mask parents, dumb anti-vaxxers, not being able to comprehend the difference between anti-vaxxers and those who simply feel that after two vaccines, a booster shot and Christmas COVID, their kids have been through enough and have plenty of natural and manmade antibodies in their children’s bodies.

Shore News Network contacted Luria’s press secretary Jayce Genco, but did not receive an immediate response.

Tribbett doubled down on his comment about calling school children d-ckeads saying, “I assume the reaction to this is because these anti vax parents were too dumb to think about the reactions of their kids teachers? Better homeschool then!”

Shore News Network reached out to Alena Yarmosky, communications director for Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin but did not receive an immediate reponse.

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This story will be updated if Yarmosky and Genco respond.