Captain Jack Sparrow look alike wanted by Clearwater Police for porch piracy

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CLEARWATER, FL – It’s been five years since Captain Jack Sparrow found work in the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Nowadays, his compass points towards homes with Amazon packages on their front porch.

A Captain Jack Sparrow look-alike is now sought in Clearwater after he was caught plundering packages on on a front porch in that Florida gulf coast town.

The Clearwater police didn’t hold back when it came to having a little fun with their bulletin about the incident.

“Will the real Captain Jack Sparrow please stand up? One of these is really him; the other is a porch-pirate, package-pilfering suspect (say that three times fast) from a Hercules Avenue burglary case,” the Clearwater Police said today. “He came not by sea, but by a 2013 Subaru Forester, and snatched a package that had just been delivered by Amazon to a house there.”

Call 727-562-4242 if you can help detectives claim his bounty to make him walk the plank.