Good Samaritan pulls female North Carolina cop from burning wreckage, saving her life

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MARION, N.C. – Marion police officer Breanna Toney was driving to work when her car was struck by a 2017 Toyota Tacoma which had passed across the centerline. The incident happened on Monday, shortly after 6:00 a.m. on NC 226 North in Mitchell County.

As a result of the collision, Officer Toney’s vehicle burst into flames and she was rescued by a driver passing by who forced the driver’s side door of her Dodge Charger open to pull her out.

Toney was airlifted to Johnson City Medical Center in Tennessee and underwent several surgeries to repair damage to her legs. She sustained several broken ribs and several upper-body injuries in the crash.

An investigation by the North Carolina State Police is ongoing.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Officer Toney.

“As many of you know, Officer Toney was involved in a nearly fatal car accident in Mitchell County on January 31st. She sustained multiple injuries that will require an extended hospital stay and further rehabilitation in the months ahead,” the page reads. “These funds will be to help make life so much easier for Breanna, the 2 girls and Josiah as they go through the tough challenges ahead. Josiah is planning to be the primary caregiver so income will be scarce during this time.”

A message by the page says she is still not breathing without assistance.

“She is still in a lot of pain due to her chest injuries but is working through treatments to regain the ability to breathe without oxygen,” Nate Schlabach said. “She still has a long journey to recovery but is thankful to God for sparing her life and to all her wonderful friends, family, and community for their prayers and support.”