Watch: Aggressive Jersey driver crashes and flips car in fit of road rage, narrated by…Uncle Roger?

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We’re not sure what Uncle Roger was doing driving along the Palisades Parkway in North Jersey last week. Perhaps he heard the Garden State is home to some of the best fried rice and ramen noodle in America, fuiyoh!

The video was published on YouTube last week and shows an aggressive driver dashing between lanes, brake checking, and in an apparent rush to get somewhere. While this is typical behavior on any given day on New Jersey’s highways, this time, the aggressive road raging driver didn’t fare well.

The road raging Honda driver tried to cut off a pickup truck, but was checked by the truck, then decided to pass traffic down the right shoulder. Then it happened. The car clipped the pickup, then crashed into a rock cliff before overturning and leaving a Honda salad all over the Palisades Parkway.


The entire ordeal was captured apparently by Uncle Roger and an unknown Auntie. If it wasn’t Uncle Roger, this is to serve notice to the real Uncle Roger that he’s also a victim of identity theft. Two crimes. One video. Fuiyoh!

“Full video from dashcam. Accord and Raptor decided to road rage each other. Accord lost. Originally I was hoping to catch them doing something stupid approaching a speed trap/cop ahead displayed on Waze,” the YouTube user described the video posted the service. “This was unexpected. To be clear, I never wish any physical harm on anyone. Palisades Parkway Police told me the guy was “ok”. Don’t have any further details.”

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