84 Year-Old Retired Woman wins $25K playing WIN IT ALL

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DOVER, DELAWARE – An 84-year-old retired woman from Camden has claimed the final $25,000 top prize for the $5 price point Instant Game WIN IT ALL. The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, purchased the winning ticket from Cigar Cigarette & More in Smyrna.

While not originally from the Delaware, the woman said she’s been playing the Delaware Lottery, “for a long time.” She enjoys the fun of trying all the different Instant Games, and was delighted to win a $25,000 top prize—her biggest win to date. “I just love to play,” the woman said. “I’ve won prizes as big as $1,000 over the years, but this was such a happy surprise.”

While this may be the final top prize for WIN IT ALL, the Delaware Lottery currently offers plenty of other chances to win big with $5 price point Instant Games. 20X BONUS and 20X THE WIN both have $20,000 top prizes remaining, while three $25,000 top prizes are still available for both MONEY TO GO and XTREME WIN IT ALL.

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