NEW EGYPT, NJ – Ocean County will be ground zero for the staging of truckers and protesters headed to Washington, D.C. to protest America’s continue draconian response to the COVID-19 pandemic. That response includes overreach by local, state and federal government authorities such as forcing Americans out of work for exercising their medical and personal freedoms. The rally is protesting forced vaccine mandates for American workers and continued public health policies that have negative impacts on America’s economic ability to recover from the pandemic.

New Egypt Speedway will host a welcome rally for truckers and non-truckers alike who wish to join the major People’s Convoy headed to Washington, D.C. That convoy is departing today from California.

On Sunday, March 6th, truckers from America’s northeast will meet with New Jersey truckers at the speedway before heading south to Washington later. A second staging site will be hosted at the Salem County Fairgrounds.

The New Egypt rally will run from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm on Sunday, March 6th. The next morning the local convoy will depart.

Thousands of truckers nationwide are gearing up to bring their protest of President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate to the President’s front door. A Facebook group for the rally has been set up to coordinate the effort called “The People’s Convoy – Northeast Route”.