As Russian Invasion Continues, Ukrainian Soldiers Offered 30% Pay Raise

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Ukrainian servicemen take part in military drills

KIEV, Ukraine – The Ukrainian government today announced pay raises for soldiers as the Russia army continues its assault against the former Soviet-bloc nation.

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov signed an urgent Telegram, which provides for raising the money supply of servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from March 1, 2022.

“Absolutely all servicemen who have not yet received a raise this year will receive a 30% salary increase,” Reznikov said. “In particular, it is planned to establish a monthly bonus, increase the allowance for the peculiarities of military service.”

If the increase in cash security after taking into account all surcharges is still less than 30%, commanders are required to increase the amount of the monthly bonus until the specified growth rate is reached.

“Last year, we made a commitment to start raising the military’s funding in 2022. The relevant decree was signed by the President of Ukraine. Together with the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Finance and the relevant parliamentary committee, we managed to find the expected financial resources and raise the salaries of Ukrainian defenders to the national average. The Verkhovna Rada voted in favor of this decision by 345 votes. Voted for our Army! This is only the first step. We continue to work. Glory to Ukraine and its defenders!” commented Oleksii Reznikov.