Russian Tank Crushes Civilian Car, Elderly Driver Miraculously Survives: REPORT

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A Russian tank was recorded crashing into and flattening a civilian car driven by an elderly man in Ukraine’s capital of Kyiv, multiple sources reported.

Multiple videos show the tank driving down the road of a residential area before swerving to hit a sedan moving in the opposite direction. The tank proceeded to roll onto the car and crush it with its immense weight.

The driver of the car survived the crash and was helped out of the vehicle by nearby civilians, using tools, including an ax and a crowbar, to free him, the Daily Mail reported. It remains unclear whether the car was purposefully hit.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a military attack on Thursday. Ukrainian defense officials reported multiple missile strikes in Kyiv on Friday morning, and video footage verified by The New York Times showed an explosion in the early morning over the outskirts of the city.

Ukraine’s defense ministry called on civilians to make and utilize Molotov cocktails to “neutralize” Russian forces. Over 100 Ukrainians have died since Putin’s invasion began, but officials have said the resistance is putting up a stronger fight than anticipated.

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