Self service gas is a “political third rail” Governor Murphy said he’s intentionally avoiding

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close-up of a mens hand refilling the car with a gas pump

TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Governor Murphy did not say whether or not he would support legislation in the New Jersey Senate and Assembly to end the law that prohibits residents from pumping their own gas. New Jersey is one of two states that restrict the dispensing of fuel by customers.

Murphy called the self-pumping gas ban is a “third rail” and he has intentionally stayed away from it.

“Listen, on self-service gas, that’s been sort of a political third rail in New Jersey which I have historically not crossed,” the governor said. “Given the gas prices on average have now gone over $4 a gallon, I’m not necessarily signing up fo that, because I need to know what impact it would have on that.”

Murphy said he is committed to finding any way to lower fuel charges in New Jersey.

“Any way we can make this state affordable,” Murphy said, but stopped short of supporting a temporary pause on the New Jersey gas tax.