Murphy’s budget too little tax relief too late for New Jersey, says Oroho

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TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s 2023 budget is too little tax relief, too late. That’s what New Jersey Senate Republican Leader Steven Oroho said on Tuesday after the governor announced his budget proposal.

“New Jerseyans who are feeling the impact of soaring inflation in their family budgets need tax relief now,” said Oroho. “Governor Murphy’s plan to make New Jerseyans wait until 2023 for rebates is too little, too late.”

In contrast, Governor Murphy is proposing just $550 million in new tax relief for 1.8 million people through his ANCHOR rebate plan in the next budget, Oroho said.

“The State collected $4.6 billion in taxes that it doesn’t need, we should give it back now,” added Oroho. “Our plan would provide five times as much tax relief to twice as many New Jerseyans as Governor Murphy’s proposal, and we would do so immediately. Since we have the money in the bank already, there’s no reason to make people wait another year for tax relief as Governor Murphy has proposed.”