New Jersey Police, Firefighters Catch Toddler Dropped from Second Floor of Burning Apartment Building

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SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ – Police, and firefighters in South Brunswick recorded a dramatic rescue of a toddler who was dropped by their father two floors to the waiting emergency responders below as his apartment building burned around him.

The two-year-old toddler was safe and healthy as police evacuated the building. After the father saw his child was in good hands, he then jumped down to rescuers below.

South Fire Chief Chris Perez of the Monmouth Junction Fire Department said he and his crews thought the building, which was fully engulfed had already been evacuated when the father and the toddler appeared at the window.

The fire was at the Southridge Woods apartment complex in South Brunswick. The fire was reported at 8:17 am on Monday. Firefighters said the top floor of the building was fully engulfed.