Jersey Shore Ferris Wheel Lights Up In Support of Ukraine

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SEASIDE HEIGHTS, NJ – You might not know this, but the Jersey Shore has a unique tie to the country of Ukraine. Each summer young Ukrainians have come to the Jersey Shore to work the boardwalk rides and stands from Wildwood to Point Pleasant.

Last week, the Casino Pier in Seaside Heights lit up their Ferris wheel with the colors of the Ukrainian Flag.

Four weeks ago, the Russian army, under the direction of President Vladimir Putin invaded the sovereign nation of Ukraine. In the weeks since, the Russian army has targeted schools, hospitals and residential neighborhoods with artillery and rocket attacks, killing innocent men, women and children in Ukraine.

This week, the pier announced they will move their 2022 grand opening to April 2nd, which is also the rescheduled date of the annual Seaside Heights St. Patrick’s Day Parade which was postponed due to inclement weather last week.

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