Costco “active shooter” incident unfounded, Clifton Police say

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CLIFTON, NJ – Clifton police today said a rumored active shooter incident at Costco was unfounded and started with an accidental opening of a fire exit by a child in the store.

According to police, the incident that caused panic at Costco Sunday was initially deemed to be an “active shooter”, was determined to be entirely unfounded.

“Additional follow-up revealed that the incident began with a small child bumping into one of the fire exit doors. This caused the alarm to sound and employees to rush to the area of concern. In turn, a “chain reaction” of chaos ensued – culminating in the belief that the incident was an active shooter,” police said. “Our patrol officers responded and handled the matter until they were able to completely secure the scene. Any on-scene reports of medical situations involving customers were the result of anxiety and panic, and thankfully, everyone affected is okay.”

The department said misinformation on social media caused the alarm.

“Unfortunately, inaccurate social media posts of an “active shooter” led to additional chaos and concern. We apologize for any unnecessary stress that this may have caused,” the department said.