Jersey GOP Congressional Candidate’s DUI Arrest Prompts Mixed Reactions from Voters

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CINNAMINSON, NJ – After the DUI arrest of New Jersey Republican Congressional Candidate Ian Smith, reactions from voters across New Jersey have varied from sympathy and support to contempt and scorn.

On Wednesday, Smith spoke out for the first time publicly about his arrest Sunday morning.

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Smith is facing DUI charges and other motor vehicle violations after getting pulled over in Cinnaminson after a kick-off party at his campaign headquarters in Mount Laurel.

“By now, most of you have read about what happened during the early hours of Sunday morning. Due to the ongoing nature of the case, my statements will be limited to what has already been said. I was pulled over, passed a sobriety test (in poor conditions), and was arrested,” Smith said. “My choice to not submit to a breathalyzer reflects my distrust after 2 years of persecution. I deeply appreciate everyone who has reached out and the support offered by friends, family, and supporters around NJ and the country.”

His main primary opponent Bob Healey has not yet commented on the DUI, but when Smith announced his campaign, Healey said he was unfit and unelectable.

“Republicans have a historic opportunity to stop Joe Biden’s and Nancy Pelosi’s radical agenda and win back control of the House this November, but that won’t happen if we nominate unfit and unelectable candidates like Ian Smith,” said Healey Campaign Manager Theresa Velardi.

Neither Smith nor Healey are expected to defeat incumbent Andy Kim in a newly drawn congressional district encompassing Burlington and Mercer Counties in 2022.

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While many ridiculed Smith for another possible DUI violation, there were some supporters who said they’ll still support him and believed his story.

Reactions to Smith’s post were extremely varied.

Here are some negative reactions:

  • This is coming off very anti-cop. If you’re doing nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about.
  • Maybe you wouldn’t feel so persecuted if you stopped the steroids. Oh and obeyed laws. Just a thought.
  • Because you’re guilty?
  • Pattern continues, excuses and no accountability
  • Dude is a ticking time bomb. He killed somebody all ready driving drunk. He’s a alcoholic who needs help.
  • Aaahhhh yes the “world is out to get me” excuse. Just like last time it wasn’t your fault right? Did no one teach you how to maintain a lane this time? What poor conditions was there Sunday morning? Wind? Big tough guy like you can’t control his big tough truck from some wind?
  • Way to fuck up the election.
  • Hahaha, better buy a bus pass. Karma is a bitch.
  • Please stay in the race, I look forward to your next arrest, any hint on what law you’re going to break next?
  • Please stay in the race, I look forward to your next arrest, any hint on what law you’re going to break next?

Here are some positive reactions:

  • I stand with you!! My next congressman.
  • He has had a bullseye on his back for almost 2 years now from some powerful people. So many haters just assume guilt before all the facts come out.
  • I don’t blame you for NOT trusting the system NJ is corrupt to the core Fingers crossed for you.
  • Dude. New Jersey would NEVER abuse law enforcement to make sure a potential political rival does not challenge the state elite! That would NEVER HAPPEN.
  • You are everything they are not. Praying for you.
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