Jen Psaki Jumps From Biden’s Sinking Ship for Job at MSNBC

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No amount of circling back and deflecting by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki convinced the American people that her boss was taking the country in the wrong direction. For the past year, Psaki has been the primary voice of the Biden administration. Each day, her job was to dig her boss, President Joe Biden, out of the holes he dug and spin his gaffes, missteps, and bad policy into good news for the American people.

For the first few months, it was easy as the majority of the White House Press Corps hung on her every word. Then Afghanistan happened, followed by a COVID-19 surge, inflation, high gas prices, and the war in Ukraine.

The mainstream media slowly started to turn, finally asking the tough questions once reserved only for Fox News. Now, the entire administration has hit an iceberg. It’s taking on water and the face of the administration, Jen Psaki is jumping ship.

Axios today reported Psaki would be leaving the White House for a job at MSNBC. The deal has yet to be publicly confirmed by Psaki or the network, but she is expected to depart sometime this spring.

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