Suspect Promised Blood Bath for the Real Devils before Going on Violent Rampage in Lakewood and Jackson

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP, NJ – Dion Marsh, a 27-year-old who grew up in Jackson and now lives in Manchester, told his family, “it’s going to be a blood bath,” and said he was going to target Jews, who he called “the real devils”, according to court documents filed in Ocean County Court.

Marsh was captured and charged Friday night, but not until after he stabbed one Orthodox Jewish man in the chest, carjacked and beat another, then struck several Jewish pedestrians in a stolen car.

Police said they could identify Marsh as the suspect due to a call from his family regarding his statements and video surveillance provided by a good samaritan who recognized the vehicle.

Marsh carjacked and assaulted an Orthodox Jewish man in Lakewood at around 1 pm on Friday after two failed carjacking attempts earlier.

At around 6 p.m., Marsh struck another Orthodox Jewish pedestrian on Central Avenue as he made his way to Jackson. Marsh, according to police, is also a possible suspect in an attempted kidnapping.

He then stabbed a person in the area of Pine Circle Drive.

Police were able to track Marsh back to his home in Manchester, where they said at around 10:45 pm, he was found lying on his bed with a machete.

When asked by detectives why he did it, Marsh said, “It had to be done” and called Orthodox Jews “the real devils”.