Tiny Puppies Saved Days After Being Thrown in Dumpster

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When a rescue found out about five possible puppies being abandoned in a dumpster, they raced over to save them. When they arrived, the puppies were scared and starving. The rescue also found seven, not five puppies. The puppies were rescued and put in the car with the heaters on to warm them.

The runt of the litter was named Esme. She was tiny and in rough shape. She was shaking. The rescue brought the puppies right to a foster for treatment. The puppies seemed to be ok, with the exception of Esme. She had a big fight ahead of her.

With lots of love and care, Esme got stronger and was no longer the runt of the litter. Barnaby, Sienna, Arthur and Harper, Winnie, Ralph and Esme were all loved and cared for and eventually were all adopted out to loving families. Esme was a special gift for them as she grew strong and is very happy and healthy with her new mom, and American lady in Kuwait. She was Esme’s foster.

Watch this sweet story on the DoDo below.