Bringing Future Development Opportunities Across the Pacific Through Cooperation

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Ningbo is our third-largest trading partner in the world, so we really appreciate the partnership that we have with Ningbo. The port and the people of Ningbo are very, very important to the Port of New York and New Jersey,” said Rooney. “That word, ‘partnership’, which I used before, is very important. Another one I would say is ‘collaboration’. So, it is important, as Ningbo moves forward with this new vision (of becoming a modern coastal metropolis), to reach out to all of the various constituents, businesses, residents, trade groups, and all sorts of partners to ensure that they are brought into the planning process in order to develop a vision that meets as many needs as possible, including the needs of all the various ports. Parts of this vision are met by coordinating, partnering, and communicating clearly with everybody in terms of reaching that goal and seeing the vision come to fruition.”

The San Kiang Charitable Association Inc. N.Y.C. was founded in June 1929 as one of the first non-profit organizations in the Chinese-American community. Its Acting Chairman Bao Ronggang pointed out that Ningbo’s port, manufacturing prowess, and booming private sector mean huge potential and opportunities.

In recent years, the San Kiang Charitable Association has been leveraging its networks to organize China-US people-to-people exchanges in culture, tourism, talent sharing, investment, and trade. With opportunities brought about by the BRI and China’s national strategy to boost the ocean economy, Ningbo, the aspiring modern coastal metropolis, will surely reach new heights, said Bao.