Evesham Police Urge Online Sellers, Child Custody Swaps to use Safe Exchange at Police HQ

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A security camera peers down from the corner of the building, watching your every move. ** Note: Shallow depth of field

Do you need a safe public meet-up spot for buying or selling items through an online marketplace? Or perhaps a safe location for child custody exchanges?

“We offer a Safe Exchange Zone located at our Police Headquarters, 984 Tuckerton Road, Marlton, NJ 08053 for those looking to exchange items bought and sold online,” the Evesham Police Department said. “This area can also be used for child custody exchanges. This area is meant to help ensure and enhance your safety and to minimize the opportunity for an encounter to go wrong. This area is well lit and under surveillance 24/7 and our officers are always close by if you should need one.”

Members of the department will not participate in exchanges or act as witnesses.

In addition, transactions involving weapons, drugs, or drug paraphernalia are barred from the zone. If you wish to use the zone, you are asked to notify a department representative at the front desk during normal business hours or Central Communications via the white phone in the lobby after hours.

“Remember, if someone doesn’t want to meet you at a police station for safe exchange on a sale from any social media site, that’s a red flag,” the agency said.