Two Shootings in 24 Hours in Burlington City as Police Heighten Security

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BURLINGTON CITY, NJ – The Burlington City Police Department has reported two shootings in the past 48 hours and now security is being heightened across the city.

“Over the past 48 hours the Burlington City Police Department has responded to two (2) shooting incidents in the New Yorkshire neighborhood of Burlington City,” the department said Friday. “100 Block of East Federal will be blocked by barricades and police officers will be posted to strictly regulate and monitor activity due to recent gunfire incidents in the past 48 hours. Times of this effort will vary and will not be publicly announced in addition to other enforcement efforts.”

According to police, residents will not have restricted travel or parking, but police officers will inquire and closely monitor activities.

“Please note that innocent civilians had their vehicles and homes damaged by gunfire and police officers were met last evening with active gunfire, along with one person being struck. This was the second gunfire incident in the past 48 hours on the 100 Block of East Federal Street. A formal News Release will be posted shortly,” the department said, saying the measure is for the safety of residents living in that area. “Due the seriousness of this incident, the City of Burlington Police Department will be acting swiftly to mitigate concerns. We have also spoke to involved homeowners, involved persons, Council Members, and Mayor Conaway to plan a coordinated effort.”

Police suspect the violence in the neighborhood is being imported from others outside of the city.

“It is our obligation to protect our residents and in the past 48 hours, residents on the 100 Block of East Federal Street have endured two stressful situations that nobody deserves. We are committed to providing public safety while supporting our local families in the New Yorkshire,” the department said. “It is unfortunate many individuals who do not live on that street want to continue to bring undue violence and engage in life threatening behavior for no justifiable circumstance. Furthermore, we are addressing tenants and homeowners who facilitate these activities that bring large groups. We ask all members of the community to band together before we are faced with another senseless loss of life.”

Here’s what happened:

On Wednesday, at approximately 7:49 PM patrols were dispatched to the 100 block of East Federal St. for a report of approximately five (5) gunshots. Upon arriving in the area patrols received information that two (2) vehicles fled the area at a high rate of speed and were possibly involved. No person(s) were injured during the incident.

On Thursday. at approximately 8:20 PM two (2) patrols were conducting a direct patrol in the New Yorkshire neighborhood when they heard up to thirteen (13) gunshots coming from the 100 block of East Federal St. Patrols responded and arrived prior to any 911 calls being made. First arriving patrols reported a large crowd running in different directions and numerous subjects still actively engaged in firing weapons as they fled. Officers located a 31-year-old, male resident of Burlington Twp. who had sustained gunshot wounds to his leg. He was treated on scene and transported to Capital Health Trauma Center by emergency medical services, where he is listed in stable condition. On scene officers were met with numerous uncooperative witnesses but did recover physical evidence.