Take a Gander: Columbus Cops Save Goose Struck by Car

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COLUMBUS, OH – Would you take a gander at this act of humanity and compassion. Two Columbus police officers went on a wild goose chase to save a Canadian Goose that was struck by a car. When the officer saw the wounded goose, they said, “Duck it!” and rendered aid to the goose.

“Officer Chapman and Officer Kinder noticed an inured goose while patrolling the city’s east side. The goose had an injured wing from being struck by a vehicle. Officers were able to gather the goose and transport it to a treatment center where it is currently being treated for its injuries.

At this point, it’s not sure who will be footing the bill for the goose’s rehabilitation, but we’re all flabergoosted by the officer’s dedication to saving the wild animal. If this story doesn’t give you goosebumps, we’re unsure what will.

Police do not suspect fowl play and the hit-and-run driver is still on the goose, probably just some quack.

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