Democrats Aren’t Abandoning Biden; It’s Just a Midterm Election Show Says Levin

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U.S. President Joe Biden announces additional military aid for Ukraine in speech at the White House in Washington

Fox News host Mark Levin today noted that moderate Democrats across America are not leaving Joe Biden’s side, but are putting on a midterm election show simply to gain voters.

Levin said after the election in November, those Democrats who stood shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will go right back into their corner and support the left’s wildly progressive agenda.

“Media wrong again,” Levin said. “Democrats not breaking from Biden. They want to get elected or re-elected then they’ll get right back in line and march behind him.  And they’ll vote Schumer and Pelosi their leaders. So-called moderate Democrats have gone the way of the duck-billed platypus.”

As the 2022 midterms approach and experts are predicting a massive red wave across the nation, Democrats are seemingly distancing themselves from the failed policies of Joe Biden, but if you peel back their most recently grown peel on the onion, you will find they are fully behind the progressive direction of the Democrat party’s national agenda.

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