Canadian Caught Entering United States through Train Tunnel

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DETROIT— U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Detroit Station foiled an attempt by a Canadian man to sneak into the U.S. utilizing cross border freight trains.

On May 1, agents from Detroit Station observed an individual riding an inbound freight train from Windsor, Canada, to Detroit. Agents contacted Canadian Pacific Railway and requested that the train be stopped. Once stopped, the agents arrested a 33-year-old subject for illegal entry into the U.S. At the station, it was determined that the subject was subject to an active criminal bench warrant from London, Ontario Police for “Possession of Weapon Dangerous to Public”.

The subject was processed for expedited removal and immediately turned over to the custody of Canada Border Services Agency.

“It is extremely dangerous to enter the United States illegally, particularly through the train tunnel,” said Chief Patrol Agent Robert Danley. “Our outstanding relationships with our foreign law enforcement and CP partners were key in bringing this situation to a safe and effective law enforcement resolution. I am very proud of how the men and women of the Detroit Sector remain vigilant and focused on border security on two fronts, both on the northern and southern borders.”

Anyone with information on suspicious activity is asked to call the United States Border Patrol telephone number 24/7 at 800-537-3220.