Phil Murphy Tells Diners to Bring Their Own Straws if They Don’t like Paper Ones

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TRENTON, NJ – Tomorrow is the big day. To go along with your paper straw in a jump plastic cup with plastic lid, you will be banned from using single-use plastic bags, paper bags, and styrofoam products. On the NJClean website, which promotes the progressive policies of the Murphy administration such as the plastic bag ban and plastic straw ban, the state government actually recommends that diners bring their own straws to restaurants if the flimsy paper ones get soggy and disintegrate before you’re done with your first drink aren’t good enough for you.

According to the state, each November is now officially “Skip the Straw” month and a resolution that encourages New Jerseyans to bring their own straws to dinner.

“Skip the Straw month as a further reminder that all residents can bring their own reusable straws or “Skip the Straw” altogether,” the resolution reads.

As of last November, Murphy signed into law a plastic straw ban, prohibiting restaurants to only giving plastic straws upon request. Many restaurants in New Jersey are completely ignoring this law.

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