This New Pancake House in Brick is Like the Uncle Doods Of Pancakes

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BRICK TOWNSHIP, NJ – If you live in Ocean County and love donuts, then you’re probably familiar with Uncle Doods in Downtown Toms River. Uncle Dood’s is a critically acclaimed donut shop that infuses flavor with creativity and has a weekly menu of over-the-top creations that will wow even the harshest of critics.

Now, there’s a pancake house in Brick Township that can truly be called the Uncle Doods of the local pancake world. This place isn’t your daddy’s International House of Pancakes or Grandma’s Denny’s.

It’s the Brownstone Pancake Factory, located on Cedar Bridge Avenue in Brick, just east of Brick Boulevard, and you’ll be amazed by the sheer number of pancake options available.

While the Brownstown Pancake Factory is new to the Jersey Shore, it comes with roots as deep as 45 years ago from its humble beginnings in North Jersey when husband and wife duo Peter and Irene bought a tiny subway car diner and opened shop.

Inside Brownstone, you’ll find the pancake factory with your normal fare of buttermilk short stacks, silver dollar pancakes, and chocolate chip pancakes.

From there, the menu continues on to coconut pancakes, oreo cookie pancakes, tres Carnes pancakes, fried oreo cheesecake pancakes, and more.

There’s Nutella, brownie sundae, banana walnut, pancake tacos, caramel pretzel pancakes, and more. The sky is literally the limit at the Brownstone.

In addition to pancakes, the Brownstone also features a full range of breakfast options, dinner, a juice bar menu, and a brunch and lunch menu.

If you’re looking to try something new this weekend, check out the Brownstone Pancake Factory in Brick.

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