CBP Small Vessel Reporting Requirements

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BLAINE, Wash. Pleasure boaters arriving in the U.S. from a foreign port or place are required by law to immediately report their arrival to CBP.  The CBP Reporting Offsite Arrival – Mobile (ROAM) application automates the process and offers a quick, convenient, and efficient alternative to the number currently used to report small vessel entry.

Once the CBP ROAM™ app is downloaded, travelers input their biographic information, conveyance, and trip details, then submit their trip to CBP for review.  A CBP officer may then initiate a video chat to interview travelers.  Once the CBP officer reviews the trip, travelers will receive a push notification and an email with their clearance status and the next steps, if applicable.

The CBP ROAM™ app automates the process of applying for and updating cruising licenses and, in most cases, eliminates the need to visit or call a CBP office.  The application process is integrated into the arrival report, making the change seamless for current users.  Once a cruising license has been issued, a new button will appear that allows boaters to notify CBP of subsequent arrivals under the cruising license.

Current users who already have a paper cruising license should update their boat information in the CBP ROAM™ app with their cruising license number.  Once verified, the “Port of Call” button will appear and can be used to update the cruising license. 

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If arriving in Washington and everyone onboard the vessel is a member of one of CBP’s Trusted Traveler programs (NEXUS, Global Entry, or SENTRI) the entry may be reported by calling 1-800-562-5943 and you will not need to use the CBP ROAM™ app.

To use CBP ROAM™ on your personal smart device, download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. In certain locations, the CBP ROAM™ app can also be accessed on tablets at partner locations.

More information about the ROAM program is available.  For any questions or concerns about the CBP ROAM app, please email us at  cbproam@cbp.dhs.gov.